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Our Rental & Cancellation Policy

Here are our current rental policies. You will be required to sign a contract with us before the rental begins with these polices outlined below. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us or call us at 805 550 3347.

Reservations, Deposits and Payments
A $200 deposit is required to secure your reservation. The deposit must be made by major credit card and the reservation is not guaranteed until the deposit is received in full. If it’s within 72 hours of the rental time, the full balance of the rental is due in lue of the deposit. Deposits will be applied to the rental price and the balance will be charged up to 72 hours before the day of the rental.

The card holder must be present to sign the contract before the rental starts. It’s the card holder/renters responsibility to inform the whole party about our rules and fees.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made at least 20 days before the rental will have their deposit retuned in full. If the cancellation is made between 19 days – 72 hours before the rental, the deposit will be forfeit and not returned. Any cancelations made within 72 hours of the rental will be charged the minimum hours for the rental.

Excessive Cleaning, Vomit and Other Fees
It will be your responsibly to advise your guests on these fees before the rental. A $100 fee will be added to any rental that is deemed by Xsperience It to be more than a normal cleaning. If anyone gets sick in our vehicles, you will be charged a $200 cleaning fee plus $300 no use fee, because our vehicle cannot be rented in that condition. If you are renting the limo bus you must inform your group that if anyone needs to be sick they can use the toilet. Getting sick in the sinks is not the same as it on a whole different system and will be subject to the same $500 fine. ABSOLUTLY NO smoking will be allowed in any of our vehicles! Common Items broken or taken from Vehicle Glasses ($10 Fee per Glass) iPod Cable ($25 Fee)

ABSOLUTLY NO Smoking will be allowed in any of our vehicles!

Common items & fees broken or taken from vehicle
Glasses ($10 Fee per Glass)
iPod Cable ($25 Fee)

Consuming Alcohol in our Vehicles
ABSOULTY NO UNDERAGED DRINKING – If the rental is made by someone under 21 years old or the limo was rented for an under aged group we will not include a free bottle of champagne, or wine. If our driver finds anyone under the age of 21 drinking or intoxicated the rental is forfeit and the driver return the entire party to the drop off point immediately. No money will be returned for anytime lost due to the forfeit. State law requires ALL guests to be over 21 to consume alcohol in our vehicles. You can not drink in your own car while renting a private driver. Please drink responsibly.

Damages and Theft
Your credit card will be held as an open deposit during your rental. You have to agree to pay for all damages or theft made by anyone in your party whether negligent or accidental. All damages will be billed to your credit card after notification. I also agree to pay for any lost income during the repairs. Xsperience It is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Wine Tasting Room Behavior and Etiquette
Xsperience It has worked very hard to build a relationship with our local wine tasting rooms. Wine tasting is not a venue for becoming drunk. Wine servers will refuse to serve you if they think you are intoxicated. If we receive any complaints from them, we will refuse to take you to any more wineries. We will offer you alterative locations. If any group becomes out of hand or abuses our driver or associate, the rest of your rental will become forfeit and the driver may or may not return you to the drop off location.

All rentals have an automatic 20% tip charged for the driver. If you would like to tip more for extra special service you are more than welcome to at the time of rental.

Private Driver
When you rent a private driver from us you are just getting the driver. You have to use your own car, gas and insurance. We only use our drivers, so we know their background and that they are drug free. We do not insure or bond them. It is your responsible to make sure your insurance covers other people driving your car.

Termination of our Services
We can terminate your rental at anytime with NO refund for lost rental time for the following reasons but not limited to: Any of the party having possession of weapons or illegal drugs, obnoxious or out of control party members, fighting, smoking, minors consuming alcohol, or disregard of safety rules set for by our drivers. Any concerns should be addressed with us before the rental.

Last Updated on November 21st, 2012
Need More Help?
We try to be clear as possible with you before the rental and we would like you to do the same. That way everything can work perfectly on the day of the rental. So if you can’t find what you are looking for here or in our Rental FAQ, please feel free to contact us or call us at 805-550-3447
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