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Tips on Renting a Limo or a Limo Bus

Here are some general tips for you when renting a limo. Safety is key and some companies choose to skip requirements to save money. So make sure you do your homework and find the right company.

  • Insurance
    Make sure that the rental company not only has liability insurance but find out how much coverage they have. You also can check this when you check out the TCP number below.

  • TCP Number
    Make sure the company is licensed with the state of California Public Utilities Commission and has a TCP number. This very important that they have a valid TCP number as it means they have drivers in a pull notice program (constant driving records), drug testing program, and that the vehicles are inspected by the California Highway Patrol. Make sure they have a valid number and have no complaints against them by going here.

  • Hidden Fees
    Make sure they don’t have any hidden fee that you will be hit after the rental. Ask about the tip policy and how much they charge if you go over your set time.

  • Bait & Switch
    Make sure you are clear in what vehicle you are renting. You don’t want them to show you one car and then send another!

  • What’s Included
    Make sure you know what is included with the rental so you can avoid any extra fees.

  • Maintenance
    Ask about their maintenance policy. Some companies push their vehicles too far and end up having unreliable vehicles.

  • Reviews
    Take to social media and ask you friends about who they have used and recommend. Check out testimonials and review from past customers.

You can find our answers to these questions on our Rental FAQ and our Rental Policy. If you have any questions at all or need any help, please contact us or give us a call at 805.550.3347

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